“Gone”, a musical response to the intensity and aggression of “Blood and Holywater”, is the last in the series that make up “The Picasso Tunings”. It’s serene, contemplative atmosphere was produced in a Zen like state of complete Bazantar immersion, composed and recorded over a three day period of house setting in the Castro District of San Fransisco, California. “King of the Underground Suite” contains the most evolved, chromatic and sophisticated use of harmonics and alternate tunings found anywhere in “The Picasso Tunings”. Technically it also sports the most subtle and delicate approach to playing the Bazantar in the physical sense. The left hand phrasing in particular is on different level than anything else played before this, while the right hand uses a lighter, quicker, clearer approach to plucking. This album is a long, slowly unraveling meditation or prayer that hopes for the best in us.

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