The Picasso Tunings – 4 CD Box Set


This new release, The Picasso Tunings, explores techniques in both styles of bowing and plucking for this one of a kind instrument, the Bazantar. Accompanied by a uniquely specific tuning method, in order to create movements of music never before heard, The Picasso Tunings are a journey into an emotional experience. The recordings are beautifully composed within a four boxed CD set or a special edition seven disc vinyl box set (of which only a 1,000 copies will be hand signed and numbered) sharing with the listener four hours of all original compositions. No studio enhancement or track overdubbing was ever used while recording material for this project. It’s just Mark and his unique Bazantar!! The Bazantar is a complex instrument comprised from an acoustic bass, strung with 5 main strings, 4 drone strings, 29 sympathetic strings and one extended low bass string to create a 39 stringed instrument that at times can sound like an entire orchestra.

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A four CD box set signed by the artist.

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